Claiming that his daughter abused him, a disabled Brooklyn man poured skin-melting acid on her over the weekend. According to police, 69-year-old Jerome Lynch doused his daughter, 49-year-old Darlene Lynch, with the drain cleaner El Diablo, which is 98 percent sulfuric acid. Witnesses said they could see the smoke coming off of her body, and her skin looked like "melting wax" as her whole eyelid was melted.

Lynch reportedly ran out of the building, skin and clothing burning, yelling "my father did this." She was taken to New York Presbyterian Hospital's burn unit and is expected to survive, but may lose her left eye. Her father has struggled with his speech since suffering a stroke two years ago, but allegedly wrote police a note explaining that his daughter had been abusing him. 

Relatives say Lynch had become delusional over the years, even going as far as to say he was "losing his mind." His daughter was his main caregiver, and family say she has aboslutely no idea why he has done this.

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[via Gothamist]

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