The Dinobots weren't included in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron's multiplayer initially simply because their move sets and abilities didn't really mesh with any of the existing classes. But the team at High Moon Studios set to work, and with a few tweaks, Grimlock and the rest have been made ready for the online arena.

The "Dinobots Destructor" DLC pack will drop next Tuesday, and it'll add Dinobots Grimlock, Slug, Snarl, and Swoop to multiplayer.

"I came in on Monday morning and there was a tyrannosaurus-rex running around in multiplayer," game director Matt Tieger told Polygon. "I have never been happier to have been proven wrong."

We haven't seen a price yet, but we're hoping for "free." Tieger also said that the Insecticons will be added to multiplayer next. What other kind of content would you like to see added to Transformers: Fall of Cybertron?

[via Joystiq]