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There is something not quite right about Dina Lohan in the promo for her interview on The Dr. Phil Show. OK, we'll put it bluntly: she looks completely wasted.

Well, they do say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. In the 60-second promo above, Lindsay Lohan's 49-year-old mother can't get a hold of herself. She interrupts the host, she rambles between laughing and crying and she can't sit still.

At one point, she even tells Dr. Phil through her tears and laughter, "You're in your little tie and little shoes." To which he responds, "What the hell does that mean?"

The episode, which airs on Monday, September 17, is sure to attract a lot of viewers considering the ridiculousness of the video. Not to mention, the cherry on top, Dr. Phil has a satellite video chat with estranged father and on-again off-again husband Michael Lohan.

But hey, in Dina’s defense, it is five o’ clock somewhere!

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[via Celebitchy]