There has been much discussion about Miley Cyrus new hairstyle, because she hasn't had a new record out in a while and people not talking about you is sort of bad for business.

But yea anyway, the singer showed up to the VMAs yesterday and all anyone wanted to ask her about was her raging new 'do. Which, she wasn't all that happy about.

“It’s the only thing people want to talk about,” Cyrus mused. Gee, we wonder why. Maybe it's all the tweets and instagrams about said new hairstyle. Or the fact that she just relaunched her website,, which a bunch of new photos with her short hair. It's like, "Hey, everyone look at me and my new hairstyle... No, wait, why are you all looking at me?!?!"

Whatever the case, Miley, we're on to you. We couldn't help but watch the VMAs last night and think, gee, she totally jacked iconic 80s film-star-cum-reality-TV-queen Brigitte Nielson's whole swag. Which is kind of cool— Nielson was a real catch in her day— but also kind of of weird, no?

Just a little note, though, lest you think Miley is the originator of anything here.