On keeping things stress free: "It’s all about planning. Ask for help if you need help (but don't make your guest's work at the party). Plan ahead and get as much preparation done in the day or hours before your guests come. Start small. If it’s your first time out of the gate, just invite friends. If something goes wrong, they’ll be okay with it."

Three keys to making your party a success

1. "Always make sure you order ice. A lot of people think, 'Oh, I have a freezer that has an ice maker,' but it will never be enough. You always need extra ice."

2. "Clean your bathroom. That is definitely one place your guests are going to see."

3. "Have fun with it. It is entertaining, so you should be entertained as well. Take some chances. If you really love something, know how to make it yourself. You can do a basic recipe and make it your own. If you love spice, layer in the jalapeño. That’s the most gracious thing, sharing yourself with other people you like."