The game plan: The game with your main girl, with some post-game overtime
Eating: "Actually cook something. Plan on making a meal. She maybe doesn’t want to sit in front of a television and watch the entire game, so you need to entice. Know what her favorite foods are. 'I made you veal scaloppini because I know you loved it in the restaurant a couple of weeks back and I figured out how to do it.' It doesn’t have to be tailgating for two party. Elevate it and be impressive. You can do a gourmet baked potatoes, and make your own mini potato bar. Take some lobster or shrimp and throw that on top of a potato. Keep the surprises up. Potatoes and caviar go really well together."
Drinking: "Turn on the champagne, or have a nice sparkling wine, or even a dessert wine or dessert coffee."
Words of wisdom: "You can’t be a one-hit-wonder. Have something else ready for a commercial break. You have to end the night with romance. Have some decadent chocolates or macaroons on hand. Boys, learn what a macaroon is, because girls love them!) Or strawberries and cream, because that’s a nice interaction."