Most people turn on the morning news or check their smartphones to find out the day's weather. That's boring. French designer Nathan Brunstein has thought up a cool product that will not only tell you the weather, but make sure you don't starve yourself until lunch: a wi-fi-enabled weather forecasting toaster. 

Dubbed the Jamy Toaster, it will forecast the day's weather using its wi-fi connection as well as a built-in barometer and thermometer. All you have to do is drop in a piece of bread and set it to toast. When it's ready, the bread will pop out with the day's weather forecast toasted into it. 

It's just a concept and there are no plans to bring it into production. Sure, it's super novel and will probably only get burn in our crib for a month or so, but as a way to get the weather and force yourself to eat breakfast, it looks good to us. 

[Design Taxi via Like Cool]