Cecil Chao, an unmarried billionaire shipping magnate from Hong Kong who claims to have slept with 10,000 women, is offering $65 million to any man who can marry his daughter. For the record, his daughter is openly gay. 33-year-old Gigi Chao has been in a relationship with a woman named Sean Eav for the past seven years, and its rumored they were married in France last April. Although homosexuality was decriminalized in Hong Kong back in 1991, same-sex marriages are still illegal.

Chao says he would never force his daughter to marry anyone, but he must believe in money. Chao explained that he doesn't care if the suitor is rich or poor, but notes that the "marriage bounty" is a way to draw someone who has the talent (but not the capital) to start his own business.

Gigi Chao is amused.

[via NY Daily News]