Resident Evil 6 is infecting stores this Tuesday—watch out for a gallery from the LA launch party soon—and Capcom is going full tilt on the viral marketing. The company set up the Wesker & Son human butchery at the Smithfield Meat Market in East London to promote the game, with wanton disregard for the fact that no one could actually buy meat after seeing these things.

Yet apparently you could actually buy the meat sculptures, which were edible (if you're into that sort of thing) and came in varieties such as peppered human & lemon sausages and human thigh steaks. Fucking gross.

We're guessing a lot of Cannibals Anonymous 12 step devotees relapsed this weekend.

All the proceeds from the human meat sales went to the Limbless Association, a UK charity for amputees and others who've lost limbs. Will you ever be able to purge these images from your brain? Neither will we.

[via Neatorama via Eurogamer]

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