Panty raids only make sense in the context of teen sex comedies. If you do that today, in real life, it's just strange—especially if you're a grown-ass man. 30-year-old Fernando Oureoles of Glendale, CA was arrested last week after police stopped him for jaywalking in the wee hours of the morning. Oureoles explained that he was headed to his cousin's house, but police became suspicious when he couldn't provide an address and looked "sweaty and nervous." Next came the routine search, but there's no way police were prepared for what they found.

After searching his bags, they discovered pornographic photos inside of his hat, six bras, 14 pieces of women's underwear, four pieces of children's underwear, two children's dolls, two women's swimsuits, three feet of bandage tape, a knife, 40 random pages from a pornographic magazine, and a watch. Oh, and then there was meth hidden in his shoes. You know, nothing much.

Oureoles attempted to explain his random assortment of items by saying that they belonged to his girlfriend. The woman told police that she had absolutely know idea who the items belonged to, or why her boyfriend was wandering the streets with them in his possession. He was charged with methamphetamine possession and receiving stolen property, and is currently enrolled in an 18-month drug program that will do away with the drug charge.

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[via LAist]