Despite hosting the show for 35 years and being one of the most successful personalities in TV history, CBS felt it was appropriate to leave the legendary Bob Barker out from the 40th anniversary special of The Price is Right that aired on Tuesday. The network never even got in contact with Barker about making an appearance on the show that he almost singlehandedly put on the map.

In a statement from the Associated Press, Barker said that the producers, "chose to ignore me, which is fine." And despite being shown in numerous clips during the special, Barker says, "they haven't even offered me a DVD."

Barker, a longtime animal activist, thinks the snub came from the fact that he has been critical of the show in recent years for giving out trips to Sea World and the Calgary Stampede as prizes. He feels like both trips promote cruelty to animals. Still, how do you snub the man who made the show a must-see for over three decades?

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