Everyone draws a line somewhere, and for Ben & Jerry's, it's with porn. Well, maybe not so much the industry itself, but one particular company that appropriated the ice cream company's logo for a series of DVDs. Rodax Video sold 10 titles of its "Ben & Cherry's" edition online, even playing off of the ice cream maker's clever titles: Cherry Garcia was transformed into “Hairy Garcia,” while Boston Cream Pie became “Boston Cream Thigh.”

"Peanut Butter D-Cup" sounds tempting, but many will wish they never saw the cover for "New York Super Fat & Chunky." It'll ruin your appetite, but at least they catered to everyone. Anyway, a lawsuit filed with the Manhattan Federal Court asks that the videos be removed from the market, and that Rodax Video pay Ben & Jerry's an unspecified amount of  damages.

[via NY Daily News]