28-year-old Anna Boyle of Woodinville, WA was pulled over by state troopers after they saw her flying down Washington State highway on Sunday. Troopers noted that Boyle and her fiancé, 27-year-old Aaron Johnson, appeared "very nervous" when they approached the vehicle. Maybe it's because they figured the troopers would smell the incriminating weed smoke—which they did. 

Boyle admitted to smoking weed earlier, and troopers searched the vehicle and found traces of heroin, several prescription pills, and evidence of meth. Troopers got an unexpected surprise when they investigated thumping coming from the trunk of the vehicle: Boyle's 8-year-old daughter, plus her 7 and 5-year-old sons. Oh, and a small dog.

Boyle and Johnson claimed that the children and dog had crawled through an opening in the backseat into the trunk, but the clutter in the backseat makes it highly unlikely that the children were seated at any point. Boyle and Johnson were arrested and charged for the drugs and drug paraphernalia, but no charges for the children have been filed yet.

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[via NY Daily News]