What you need: iPod Classic, $249 

Risk level: Medium

Getting your iPhone or iPod Touch past your teacher or professor is going to be difficult. However, it should be slightly less difficult to get an older iPod into your exam room, due to the fact that they can’t connect to the Internet. But while the old iPods can’t log on to Twitter, they can store notes. 

  • Connect your iPod to your computer
  • When your iPod appears as a drive in your Finder (Mac) or in your Explorer (Windows) click on it and go into the “Notes” folder. 
  • Find your notes text file (your notes should be saved as a Rich Text File)
  • Drag it to the “Notes” folder on your iPod. 
  • Disconnect your iPod 
  • Your note will be found in the “Notes” folder under “Extras”