First appearance: Prez: First Teen President #1 (1973)

We all have that one embarrassing moment in our life that we would like to forget, and we’re pretty sure for DC that moment would be when it gave the green light to Prez: First Teenage President. Well, we’re not that charitable, so we’re bringing it back for this list in all of its nonsensical glory.

In order to capture the imagination of the burgeoning youth culture that had come to prominence during the Vietnam years, this book focused on a constitutional amendment that allowed a young man named Prez Rickford to become president. That’s right, his name was legally Prez and he fought legless vampires in the White House.

This type of batshittery might have passed as entertainment in the '70s, but we’re positive nowadays this would just serve to confuse people. Also, no one wants to go to the movies to watch a teenage president make the country better than any real-life president in the past two decades has been able to.