First appearance: Ghost Rider #1 (1973)

Marvel has had a great history with occult inspirations and supernatural characters over the years, but Hellstrom certainly isn’t one of them. For a guy who's the literal son of Satan, you'd think that he'd be a badass creature of the night battling against the purveyors of good while feasting on the flesh of the living. Instead, Hellstrom rejects his demonic lineage, dresses up in a cheap cape, and joins the hero sect.

He’s a neutered, mainstream version of a concept that should be so much more. While DC’s Vertigo line did wonders with the agents of Satan in titles like Hellblazer and Sandman, any adventure with Marvel’s Son of Satan just comes across as second rate.

Hell has never been portrayed well on film, and slapping a pentagram on an actor's chest and giving him devil horns in his hair isn't going to solve that problem.