First appearance: Captain Britain Weekly #1 (1976)

The cinematic exploits of Marvel's patriotic superheroes should begin and end with Captain America. He’s the most recognizable and interesting of the bunch, and even though he does wear the stars and stripes proudly, he’s not a jingoistic piece of propaganda.

It's not that Captain Britain shouldn’t get his own movie simply because he’s not American—he shouldn’t get his own movie because he’s nowhere near as entertaining as Steve Rogers.

Captain Britain is a decent character that leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to classic story-lines and memorable villains. The short-lived Captain Britain and MI: 13 comic series was criminally underrated, but, otherwise, not much about CB seems like a natural fit for the screen. Marvel has made Steve Rogers' fragile psyche just as interesting as his battles as Captain America; unfortunately, Captain Britain just doesn't have that same dynamic.