First appearance: Mystery Men Comics #1 (1939)

Though there have been a few characters under the Blue Beetle moniker over the years, none of them have truly made a case for being able to sustain their own adventures without the help of some of DC’s more popular heroes. The most famous Blue Beetle was a man named Ted Kord, the second person to take on the mantle; as the head of Kord Industries, the Blue Beetle financed his own crime fighting career similar to Bruce Wayne, but with none of the charisma.

Recently, DC brought in Jaime Reyes to become the new Beetle. The character was updated with an alien suit of armor that gave him all sorts of abilities, except the ability to genuinely draw readers into his world. Perhaps with a few more years of exposure and development, this new Blue Beetle will stake his claim as one of DC’s heavy hitters; until then, any move to cinemas would just result in wasted money.