First appearance: More Fun Comics #73 (1941)

Aquaman is perhaps the most perplexing character to ever grace the four-sided-panel world of comic books. He is one of the prominent mascots for DC, yet he has never had a loyal fanbase, and his solo comic titles are always on the verge on cancellation. As the King of Atlantis, Aquaman should be a certified stud, but the combination of his cookie-cutter personality and his glam-rock costume has relegated him to a permanent member of the B-list.

Think about it: What powers does Aquaman have? He’s kind of strong, but not as strong as Superman. He has some cool weapons, but they're not half as cool as Batman's. Most notably he has the ability to control marine life with his mind. That means if you’re battling him under water he can call in dozens of sharks and whales to rip you apart. If you’re on land, he might be able to get a child’s goldfish to give you a dirty look.

We’re fearful of the day when we see Aquaman in theaters commanding an army of CGI clownfish and carp to take down the Black Manta. We’d rather watch a retrospective on the career of Uwe Boll.