Earth Defense Force 2017 is the latest entry in the Earth Defense Force series, which began on the SNES with the original Earth Defense Force (as far as we can tell). EDF 2017, with its arcadey third-person shooter action, was fairly well-received, if not especially impactful, on its release in 2007, when it was an Xbox 360 exclusive. It's mostly about killing giant alien bugs with a huge array of weaponry. Not bad, right?

Now D3Publisher has announced that the game is getting ported to PS Vita, and while we can't say there was really any demand for this, that definitely doesn't mean that it'll go unappreciated.

The press release sent out today says the PS Vita version of Earth Defense Force 2013 is coming "Winter 2013" and will feature new missions, 4-player online multiplayer, and something called "Pale Wing"—any series fans out there want to let us in on that one?

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