The casualty: actor Lori Petty

In the early part of her career, Lori Petty had a nice streak going, starting with the badass action flick Point Break (1991), continuing with the women's baseball charmer A League of Their Own (1992), and completing a trifecta in the family-friendly hit Free Willy (1993).

While working on 1994's dumb-as-hell In the Army Now, though, Petty should have been wise enough to take cues from co-star Pauly Shore and do the exact opposite of everything he'd done. Unfortunately, she tried her first-billed luck in Tank Girl, a loud, annoying, and altogether silly sci-fi dud that represents the kind of film Shore would make if he were a chick and could get any studio executives to return his phone calls. Twenty-one million dollars' worth of lost studio money later, Petty has never been given even a reasonably sized role in a movie.