The casualty: actor Jamie Kennedy

We should all send blank checks to director Lawrence Guterman's house, because, if not for his decision to cast Jamie Kennedy and direct the awful and unnecessary sequel to Jim Carrey's The Mask, titled Son of the Mask, audiences could still occasionally fall victim to Kennedy's one-note comedic sensibilities. In bit parts, like the one he played in Scream and Scream 2, the goofy funnyman isn't half-bad, but, like Russell Brand after him (see: last year's Arthur), Kennedy isn't well-rounded enough to carry a film on his skinny back.

Not that Son of the Mask's laugh-free script did him any favors. A sophomoric attempt to sell tickets off Carrey's film's name, Guterman's bomb tasked Kennedy with reacting wide-eyed to a baby's horribly rendered CGI fuckery. Guterman exerted more energy on the film's obnoxious visual effects than he did on the actual screenplay. Kennedy, meanwhile, could only watch as his potential leading man career in big-screen comedies turned into what you'd find in his infant co-star's dirty diaper.