Director: Marcus Dunstan
Stars: Emma Fitzpatrick, Josh Stewart, Christopher McDonald, Daniel Sharman, Navi Rawat, Andre Royo, Johanna Brady, Lee Tergesen

In 2009, screenwriters Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan (Saw IV, Saw V, and the Feast series) caught horror watchers off-guard with The Collector, a nasty little piece of home invasion gruesomeness complete with some of the nastiest kills in years and a new masked serial killer, the titular Collector, to add to the genre's canon. And in the grand tradition of scary movie franchises, director Dunstan (who handles behind-the-camera duties while sharing writing credit with Melton) is back with The Collection, one of Fantastic Fest's biggest premieres.

The Collector, with its sadistic Home Alone-like contraptions and outbursts of blood-splatter, is definitely one of the more graphic, cringe-inspiring horror films of the new millennium. Assuming that Dunstan and Melton have gone the traditional sequel-has-to-be-even-sicker route here, The Collection could very well cause a few of those "So-and-so threw up outside the theater" reports, which, of course, every horror-promoting film festival needs to ensure credibility.