Director: Eric Walter

No matter how many subpar sequels arise from The Amityville Horror's beloved legacy, no movie based on those horrific 1975 incidents will match the authenticity and effortless unease of director Eric Walter's intimate documentary My Amityville Horror. Why? Because it's all told through the words and memories of one of the people who lived through the nightmare.

That person is Daniel Lutz, stepson of George Lutz, the man (played by James Brolin in the 1979 film) who claimed to have been possessed by demonic forces while living in the supposedly haunted Long Island home.

Based on early reviews, My Amityville Horror is powerfully dark, centering on a shattered, mentally tortured guy who's overwhelmed by resentment and uncompromising cynicism. Which, oddly enough, were the same emotions experienced by anyone who paid to see the 2005 remake of The Amityville Horror, starring a poorly miscast Ryan Reynolds. Hopefully, for his sake, Daniel Lutz has never seen that. He's been through enough already.