It's been around since the days when Black Planet, Friendster, and Myspace were the only social networks that mattered. But the phrase wasn't coined until the introduction of the microblogging social networking site Twitter and everyone's now favorite photo-sharing social networking app Instagram. 

Yes, we're talking about Thirst. 

It's at an all-time high. Go onto Instagram right now and see for yourself: A young woman posts a photo of herself and some guy who has all the social graces of Napoleon Dynamite leaves a comment so devoid of class, so parched of taste, it makes you want to hand dude a bottle of Gatorade.

Twitter was ablaze yesterday after the discovery of the Thirstiest Men of Instagram, a tumblr I created to document this epidemic. Complex tapped me to pick out the thirstiest of the thirsty comments. Sorry, fellas, you did this to yourselves. Here are The 100 Thirstiest Comments on Instagram.

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Written by Anthony Osei (@ILLIONAIRE)

To create this list, Instagram comments from the Thirstiest Men of Instagram Tumblr created by Anthony Osei were used for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!