As soon as we started playing, we ran Connor in circles a bit just to test things out and get a feel for the game.

The demo started at Connor's homestead (more on that later), situated out in the countryside, quite a ways outside Boston. In the woods, terrain navigation feels completely different. In the cities of past games, you'll basically stick to anything you throw yourself at, making it incredibly easy to gain the high ground or run away in most situations.

But out in the forest, things are different. To make a getaway or set up an ambush, we had to check out the terrain carefully and watch our enemies' movements.

Rock climbing adds some variety, though as with the trees, it was sometimes difficult to know what can be climbed and what can't. Doubtless we'll get used to it, and it'll make things all the more challenging.

Once we got to Boston, though, and started playing around in the city, things started to feel much more familiar. So it's the best of two worlds.