Price: $40

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We know, we know: Another $40 map app. Hear us out. Like the other $40 app on this list, this one is developed by a company that made its name building some of the best portable GPS systems on the market. And, like Navigon, you get a full-fledged GPS system on your phone complete with highly detailed maps that include street and highway signs, photo-realistic roads to help with lane changes, and speed limits for major roads. It also has turn-by-turn voice-guided directions, and a trip planner than lets you map out a route with multiple stops. Of course, if you want to spend more coin, you can deck it out with add-ons like Urban Guidance and photoLive Traffic Cameras which show you real-time feeds of major roads. So, don’t think of it as an app, think of it as a Garmin portable GPS in your phone.