Virgin Gaming and EA Sports are teaming up for the second annual EA Sports Challenge Series of sports gaming tournaments, with the finals held live in Vegas and $1 million in prizes available.

The tourney covers Madden NFL 13, NHL 13 and FIFA Soccer 13. To get in on the action, register here for the Madden rounds on Sept. 11, the NHL rounds on Sept. 25, and the FIFA rounds on Oct. 9. On the appointed day you'll be able to dive into the competition on your PS3 (yes, only on your PS3) and attempt to qualify for the finals.

Oh, and anyone who didn't purchase their games at Gamestop will have to pay an entry fee.

Only the top 640 players will make it, so start practicing ASAP. Then when you win that massive cash pay-out you can tell your friends and family that all those days spent glued to the TV playing fake sports were totally worth it. Seriously, they were.