What a difference a year makes.

Last year, after being sentenced to jail for stealing a necklace, Lindsay Lohan was down and out and running out of cash. But between rehab, shoplifting classes and community service, she somehow managed to get it together this year and scrape up some cash.

How much? More than $2 million.

A huge chunk of it came from the $1 million Playboy gave her for their cover last December. But she's also had a few movie roles— Liz & Dick netted her $300k and an upcoming appearance in a Scary Movie sequel will give her another $200k. That said, her role in The Canyons was had for a mere $6,480, which we're sure is less than she spends a month on.... err... nevermind.

She also has a few endorsements— Jag Jeans and Philipp Plein— plus additional cash she gets paid to promote on Twitter.

All in all, not a bad yearly take for someone who's career is in perpetual limbo. And just think, the year's not even over yet.

[via Inquisitr]