Apple's advertising a lot of things: simple, well-designed, and slightly irreverent. One one word we wouldn't use, however, is modest. So it was surprising to hear that the above series of interviews with Apple's designers did not make it into a commercial because it was deemed too "too self-congratulatory." 

But according to Google's Andy Hertzfeld, that's exactly the reason Steve Jobs choose not to use the clips for a Macintosh commercial. The video has designers Burrell Smith, George Crow, Bill Atkinson, Mike Murray, and Hertzfeld talking about why the Macintosh was so great. 

We're not sure which parts were the ones that gave Apple pause. A lot of the sentiments sound like they came directly from Jobs himself. Like when Burrell Smith says the reason they designed the Macintosh was because they wanted one for themselves and couldn't get one--we're sure we've heard the Apple co-founder say the same thing. 

Apple's iPhone and iPad ads that label the products "magical" make these seem pretty modest by comparison. 

[via CNET]