How much do you love your cat? Enough to buy it a pair of thousand-dollar headphones? If so, SOL Republic has just the thing you for and your feline: the Meowingtons headphones. 

We're not kidding. These are real. We think. California-based SOL Republic headphones partnered with deadmau5 and digital artist Joshua Davis to produce a pair of tiny headphones for deadmau5's pet cat, Professor Meowingtons pHd. Based on the company's Tracks HD over-ear model, they also incorprate technology from the AMPs in-ear model. 

"Engineered for durability and easy to adjust, cats of almost all shapes and sizes will be able to feel the music," said SOL Republic on its website. "They are perfect for furry music lovers who want to block out the annoying sound of dogs and humans, while looking like the stylish cat in town." 

SOL Republic made a limited-edition run of 10 headphones priced at $999 each, and they're already sold out. All proceeds went to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Animals (ASPCA).

[via Mashable]