While members of the media haven't yet been given word from Cupertino as to when the new iPhone (and any number of other new toys, including a potential small iPad and a new iPod Nano) will be announced, Apple's partners, such as wireless carriers who will sell the phone, likely have at least some idea as to when the highly anticipated device will hit shelves. Lending credence to that theory is Verizon, which has reportedly banned employees from taking vacation days between September 21 and September 30. The vacation blackout is very likely an attempt by the company to ensure that its retail outlets are well staffed for the feeding frenzy that comes along with the arrival of a new iPhone. In the past, mobile carriers like AT&T have enacted similar blackout dates for the same reason.

Apple hasn't yet officially announced any new product announcements, but the closely watched company is expected to roll out the new iPhone in a matter of weeks.

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[via BGR]