In case you missed it last night (what, you were watching the Olympics or something?) we've got the results of the 2012 Pokemon World Championships right here.

The US swept in the video game department, with native players Abram Burrows, Toler Webb and Ray Rizzo winning the junior, senior and masters divisions of Pokemon Black and White in the Hawaii competition.

Meanwhile, we sucked on the trading card game front, with the top junior, senior and masters spots going to Japan's Shuto Itagaki, Canada's Chase Moloney, and Portugal's Igor Costa. You can catch 'em all, but apparently you can't win 'em all, we guess.

The winners received special trophies and over $100,000 in collective scholarships. Even more awesome is the fact that some of them are going to be immortalized in the upcoming Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2, due out in October in the US.

You'll be able to fight them and their teams in a new arena within the game, though the full details haven't yet been announced.

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