We're as curious about the Curiosity Mars Rover's landing tonight as anyone, but we're also loathe to turn off our Xboxes. Except when we're working, of course.

Luckily we're going to be able to have our space cake and eat it, too. Microsoft is broadcasting the event on the Xbox 360 dashboard tonight.

They've even got a whole hub of Curiosity activity to keep our short attention spans occupied until the $2.6 billion rover touches down on the red planet around 1:30 am EST. You can take a quiz, check out a slideshow with tons of info, and play the free Kinect Mars Rover landing simulator game.

Head to your 360 dashboard to get in on the action, since—face it—you're never going to be a real astronaut.

Have you checked out the game yet? Looking forward to the landing? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.

[via CVG]