Opening in theaters this weekend, the new version of the classic 1990, Arnold Schwarzenegger-led flick Total Recall proposes a serious question outside outside of the usual frustrated inquiries about Hollywood remakes. With all the movies being rebooted these days, are the female roles generally being played by hotter actresses in the retread, or were the original ladies the standard bearers?

Think about it. Would you rather get into a vicious smackdown with Sharon Stone, like Schwarzenegger did in the original Total Recall, or Kate Beckinsale, who pummels Colin Farrell in director Len Wiseman's remake?

Weighing those options then proposes other similarly challenging debates. As in, who played a hotter terrorized babysitter in the classic slasher flick Halloween: former sex symbol Jamie Lee Curtis, or the young star of its 2007 remake, Scout Taylor-Compton? Or, who looked better protecting a humongous primate in Mighty Joe Young: Terry Moore, with her old Hollywood glam, or the untouchable Charlize Theron?

For the answers to those questions, and several more, check out Who's Hotter? The Women in Original Movies vs. The Women in their Remakes.

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