The Wii U hardware has been through several iterations since it was first introduced at E3 2011, with even the tablet controller changing significantly between that year and E3 2012. But now that the final development kits are out, developers have revealed the system's final specs.

Eurogamer has a great breakdown: the Wii U packs a three IBM Power PC cores, a custom AMD 7 graphics processor supporting DirectX 10 and shader 4 type and with embedded eDRAM, and 1GB of RAM.

If that's gibberish to you, don't worry; it means the GPU and RAM are better than the Xbox 360 and PS3's, though the CPU is reportedly slightly less powerful. Part of what that means ultimately is that the Wii U will only be able to support two tablet gamepads at the same time, though any other implications of the Wii U's hardware will have to wait until we know more about it—or the thing's actually been released.

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