Now that Ben Affleck has decided not to pursue the Justice League directing job, Movie Hole is reporting that the Wachowski siblings are on Warner Brothers’ radar for the gig. The duo is putting out Cloud Atlas for the studio later this year, and, by all accounts, the executives are very happy with the final product. And with The Matrix Trilogy already on their resume, the Wachowskis have proven themselves capable of making big budget sci-fi/fantasy movies that are also extremely profitable.

This is still a rumor at this point, but the possibility of the Wachowski siblings on Justice League makes sense given their history of blending plot, dense themes, and interesting characters into their work. There is just no guarantee that they would agree to work on such a big budget, high-pressure studio tentpole film. 

We’re sure there will be plenty of other names linked to this project in the future, and we won’t know anything for sure until WB puts out an official statement. So you can expect countless rumors like this to pop up over the next few months.

[via Movie Hole]