The Miami Herald is reporting that the 168 prisoners currently incarcerated in Guantánamo Bay have adopted The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as their favorite form of entertainment. The show has recently surpassed the Harry Potter novels as the best way for these dejected inmates to help pass the time, and now the prison library can barely keep the DVD's on the shelf.

“I just ordered all six seasons,” the prison librarian told the site. But even he had no explanation as to why the prisoners have suddenly taken a shine to the adventures of a young Will Smith and his neon-colored clothing. Then again, when compared to the beatings and humiliation that the prisoners are accustomed to, we're pretty sure that watching a TV show set in a posh Bel-Air home is a nice form of escapism.

The site is also reporting that another popular form of entertainment are the Hunger Games books, which are all kept in circulation at the library. We're not sure how comfortable we are with the prisoners reading a book series about the uprising of an oppressed population against their powerful overlords. But, hey, whatever keeps them happy, right?

[via The Miami Herald