The Kardashians are never ones to miss out on an opportunity to sell us something, and their latest product is a line of eyeglasses— the Kardashian Kollection— that they're hawking at Sears Optical stores.

Funny thing is, Kim doesn't even need glasses. She got Lasik surgery in 2008.

"It started in high school, when it became difficult for me to see the chalkboard in class,” she wrote on her blog back before she had the procedure done. “I never wanted to wear contacts or glasses, so I have just kind of dealt with it! I got glasses, but never wore them.”

Now she's like, all in.

What do you think of the Kardashians in their glasses, though?

We're not ones to hate on folks trying to make a buck, but something about that particular trio in glasses doesn't look right.

[via Daily Mail]