Date: August 6
Tweeter: @Jtg1284
Tweet: "The camels back just BROKE ! I had enought of this ... As a pro athlete,Im tired of me and my lockerroom brothers being taken advantage of . Fans have no idea what we go through.#itsanillusion ... Yea I said it ... Nobody wants to speak up, everybodys afraid of losing their job or getting taken off TV."

During an episode of Monday Night Raw, wrestler Jayson Anthony Paul, better known as JTG, hopped on Twitter and vented. While the motive of his rant was unclear, it later came out that 27-year-old professional wrestler was referring to the WWE paying mid-level stars less than they expected after the extremely successful WreslteMania XXVII. According to, wrestlers that appear in WWW pay-per-view events are guaranteed a hefty bonus—especially if the event is a hit. JTG felt that due to the success of April’s WrestleMania, he and his fellow athletes should have gotten a bigger payday. Power to the people?