Date: July 12
Tweeter: @HollywoodTricia
Tweet: "I heard the new Batman movie is really 'to die for'! Too soon?"

Uh, yeah. Less than a day after the horrific shooting that took place at an Aurora, CO. movie theater during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises, Playboy model Tricia Evans let loose a joke that all but confirmed what everyone already thinks about blonde-haired pin-up girls. Before the Twitterverse had its way with Evans, Canadian producer Deamau5 tweeted back, good to know. @HollywoodTricia i seriously had no idea how big of a piece of shit you are. unfollowed. " The two engaged in a brief back-and-forth that had Evans telling Deadmau5 " Listen, apparently I have a different opinion than u. That doesn't make me a piece of shit." Deadmau5 shot back: "so your opinion of the tragedy in Colorado is... 'humor'? not sure how that's convoluted into an opinion." Game. Set. Match.