Date: August 6
Tweet: "VAMP: a sexually/financially powerful woman who is usually characterized by a penchant for dark things; nighttime, witchcraft, ..Etc."; "@jimjonescapo don't be tryna take no credit Holmes."; "@jimjonescapo UUUUUGGGGGGHHHH SHHHUTT UP!!! Who was even taking [sic] to you in the first place?!"; "@jimjonescapo like seriously... Stop being such a Harlem nigga right now."

Another day, another Azealia Banks beef. This one involved Dipset Capo, Jim Jones. When Banks took to Twitter to define the word "vamp" for her fans, someone thought it wise to let her know that everyone already knew what the word meant because Jim Jones already used the word in his songs. A back in forth between the rappers ensued with Banks telling Jones to stop acting like a "Harlem nigga" and Jones calling Banks a "2 bit slore."