Address: 2450 18th St. NW

McNasty's, Angry Inch, True Story, Draft Pix, Morgan's, The Leaky Faucet—this place changes names so often, you'd think it was trying to hide something. But no matter how you dress it up, a douchey bar is a douchey bar. First, it's called Shenanigans, so there's no way you can take this place seriously, or avoid thinking about Waiting. It's the type of place you'd go to to get drunk quickly and on the low, but you might as well stay home to do that. If you're 19, and looking for a place to use that fake ID you just acquired, this is the spot for you. Some unlucky youngster got busted for that just last year, but it's best to avoid this place and all of its underage shenanigans. It'll most likely have a new name by the end of the year, anyway.