Address: 1214 18th St. NW

If you've been to one douchey bar in Dupont Circle, you've been to them all. Still, Public Bar is a little different because it at least looks cool. Kind of. If you can get past the super lame sports cliches that adorn the walls, the layout of the bar is dope. It makes you feel like you're at a sporting event—until some uncoordinated asshole spills his drink on you. If you're lucky enough to hit this place during the summer months, you might catch one of the "intern mixers," where students waste their hard-earned money on drinks in hope that maybe, just maybe, they'll go home with another sloppy intern for a night of regret. At least you get a good view of the city from the rooftop deck before taking that ultimate plunge into awkward sex. On the way out, you'll notice more of those cliches, which will make you wonder if you went out for a "good time" or just listened to a motivational talk from your shitty AAU coach. Don't leave it all on the field, folks.