By the time Darren Aronofsky’s incredibly depressing, but altogether excellent, Requiem for a Dream gets to its “ass to ass” sequence, the film’s uncompromising bleakness has long been established. If for whatever reason Aronofsky didn’t feel the need to subject his young female drug addict Marion (a fearless Jennifer Connelly) to the ultimate humiliation, Requiem for a Dream would still end on more than enough seriously downbeat notes.

But he did opt to show how her need for a fix sends her to the darkest place imaginable, and the film is all the more powerful for it. Marion, desperate to score more narcotics, meets a pimp (Keith David) who offers her drugs to participate in a sex show for a bunch of corporate sleazeballs.

More specifically, she has to sit on all fours, “ass to ass” with another girl, and have a dildo penetrate them both at the same time. And, thanks to Aronosfky’s horror movie-like direction, it’s even more distressing than it sounds.