Munich, Steven Spielberg’s thriller about the Israeli government’s revenge tactics in the wake of 1972 Summer Olympics massacre, is mostly a guy’s flick. The cast is predominantly male, with Eric Bana and Daniel Craig leading the way as Avner and Steve, respectively, two of the Mossad team’s top guns, but it’s actually a female who injects the strongest amount of menace into Spielberg’s box office hit.

The woman in question is a Dutch assassin (played by Marie-Josée Croze) who kills one of the Mossad agents. So, naturally, Avner and his colleague Hans (Hanns Zischler) have to permanently silence her. And they do in the the movie’s rawest scene: On her houseboat, the assassin strips in hopes of seducing them, but they quickly empty rounds into her chest and throat.

Not satisfied with her punishment, Hans then shoots her in the skull and opens up her robe, leaving her both dead and shamefully exposed.