Aside from being extremely discomforting, Larry Clark’s shocking Kids is a film that could make any grown person never want to have children of his or her own. And if conception does happen, heaven help those parents whose child has to deal with even half of the turmoil experienced by Jennie (Chloë Sevigny), the film’s most tragic character.

First, Jennie learns that she’s HIV-positive, which brings the realization that Telly (Leo Fitzpatrick), the only guy she’s ever had sex with, is the one who infected her. She then goes looking for Telly at a rave, stupidly takes a depressant pill, eventually passes out on a couch, and gets raped by Telly’s equally disgusting friend Casper (Justin Pierce).

Her panties pulled down and eyes shut, Jennie is clueless about what’s happening—as is Casper, who may very well contract HIV during his sex crime and, like Telly, unknowingly continue to spread the virus.