Neighborhood: Upper East Side
AddressEast 72nd Street

Before taking the time out to curate a truly creative date, make sure your woman is well-versed on the classics—and we're not talking Moby Dick and Heart of Darkness.

Like ice-skating in Rockefeller center, renting a boat and rowing across the lake is an iconic date that would border cliché if it weren't so beautiful. It's something every woman should experience at least once just to say she did, and you should be the one to share that quintessential couple's activity with her. You may catch slack for being corny from your boys, but on the upside, she'll snag some sweet Instagram pics she'll totes treasure forever.

If you want to splurge on her, eat inside, where the white table cloth factor will wow just as much as the views. If the boat ride has left you strapped, eat at the casual outside grill, which is lighter on the wallet and will still leave her swooning over the lake views.