Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Address: 298 Bedford Ave

Let's just start with the inarguable facts: Oysters are an aphrodisiac. Right off the bat, that means your date will be off to a sexy start. Now add absinthe to the mix. Sure, it doesn't make you hallucinate like Hemingway, but it does give you a unique sensation that goes beyond "a buzz."

Luckily for you, Maison Premiere does both incredibly well. Freshly shucked east and west coast oysters can be procured for a mere dollar Monday-Friday 5-7 p.m., and well-versed bartenders can make abisnthe's anise undertones sing in balanced cocktails. Have her try the Imperial Opal, a cocktail thate mellows the anise sting with yellow chartreuse and rose water, while you take the unadulterated route and consume it the way the gods intended, i.e. the absinthe drip.

Snag a seat on the outdoor patio, and let the green-fairy's euphoria work its way through while you share licorice-flavored kisses with your equally emerald-eyed girl.