Neighborhood: Coney Island
Address1000 Surf Ave

Every once in awhile, you're overcome with the urge to whisk her away on a beach vacation, but your wallet isn't having it. For those times, you should head to the nearby R&R available at Coney Island. That way, everybody wins!

Start at Nathan's Famous (1310 Surf Ave) and overload your hot dog with as many condiments as your bun can handle, while simultaneously discovering how much of your 44 oz. beer your bellies can handle. Chances are, she won't finish half.

Head down the boardwalk to Luna Park, where you'll ride the vaguely sexual sounding Soaring Eagle and fear for your lives on the Cyclone, which may or may not collapse while you're riding it. The terror adds to the fun, trust us. After your near death experience, get your palms read by one of the fortune tellers scattered along the nearby sidewalks, and hope she tells you both there is luck (and not indigestion, as expected) in your future.